Metal Detector Pinpointer Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand High Accuracy Professional



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• The metal detector is a hand-held metal detector designed to precisely,pinpoint metallic (ferrous) objects,during treasure recovery.
• The metal detector is intended for use in conjunction with a ground search metal detector to aid in the recovery of metallic targets.
• The metal detector has both audible and vibrating alarms to indicate the presence of metal objects. The alarms increase in intensity as the metal detector is moved closer to the metal target.
• With a pinpointing tip plus a scraping blade with side-scan capability, the metal detector is very effective in easily detecting even the smallest of metallic objects.An LED flashlight assists in dark and low light conditions.

Exclusive design: With a protective shell to protect the stick, it can be replaced to prevent the stick body from being scratched or damaged
Special function: One key to balance, one key to row mineralization
Waterproof grade: IP68 grade waterproof, can enter the water 3 meters
Color: Orange,Blue,Yellow,Black
Material: Plastic
Temperature range: 5°to 158°F (-15°to +70°C)
Battery: 9V (Not Include)
Item Size: 24*6*6cm
Weight: 160g

360° Pinpoint Detection and Simple Operation

Metal detector has high sensitivity, 360°side-scan can quickly cover large areas, and the pinpointing tip could precisely locate the target rapidly and accurately.Single-button operation, just press the button after putting the 9V battery in, allows user to quickly turn out the detection, without having to step through multiple sensitivity settings.

Detection Distance 0-3in

The closer to the target, the stronger the signal.Pinpointer can help you achieve small-scale precise positioning that large metal detectors can't do makes your treasure hunting adventure more interesting, more fun and more convenient.

Portable and Convenient

1/3 of the weight of traditional metal detectors.Equipped with plastic elastic roll belt, belt sheath and handbag, easy to carry or hang on to prevent falling or losing.

Treasure Hunting

Kids Exploration Game

Locate Small Metal

Archaeologic Mining

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