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Multi-directional upgrade

1. 1.5-inch full round HD display with 454*454 resolution. Broader field of view and richer picture details.

2. Two-Way Payment: Alipay ofline payment, Wechat collection. What a convenience!

3. GPS movement tracking: Turn on the running function in the APP, and the APP will record your next route of your movement.

4. AI voice assistant: Double-tap to wake up the voice assistant, complete your commands through the AI voice assistant.

5. Double-tap the standby clock interface to wake up the screen.

6. NFC SmartWatch: The smartwatch is the access control to quickly open the door.

7. Bluetooth call smartwatch: One-click to bind and synchronize a mobile phone book (Up to 500 contacts)

8. Independent clock, Alarm clock: The watch can be used directly as an alarm clock without binding to a mobile phone.

9. Bedside lamp mode: Charging interface is eyes friendly with always-on diaplay, No more blindly fumbling, Give you a warm-hearted fumbling, Give you a warm-hearted company at night.

10. Double-tap the standby clock interface to wake up the screen, Standby watch faces are the crystallization of craftsmanship.


Breathing training, Dial push, Stopwatch, Brightness adjustment, Multi-sport mode, Sleep monitoring, Heart rate, Message, Remote control music, Remote control camera, Weather, Find phone (connected to a mobile phone to use), Bluetooth call, Password protection, Calculator, Split screen display, Shortcut widgets, Meteorology, Massager, Alipay, My QR code.

★ Sports: Multi-sports modes, pedometer, exercise time, exercise mileage, calorie consumption, Motion track view.

★ Health monitoring: heart rate measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement, sleep monitoring.

★ Smart reminder: custom alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, call reminder, etc.

★ Information push:SMS, QQ, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, other (push the information prompted by the mobile phone)

★ Other features: Bluetooth Calling, AI voice assistant, Band language switch, dial selection, Music Control, remote photo, call remind, Raise your hand to brighten the screen, weather display, time display, Stopwatch, Clock, find bracelet, find mobile phone, etc.

★ Sports data: transfer to APK via Bluetooth.

★ Health data: transfer to APK via Bluetooth.

★ More Functions Waiting To Be Discovered By Yourself…


★ Device supported languages: English, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean , Arabic, Persian.

★ APP supported languages: Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Greek, Romanian. Turkish, Hebrew, Czech.


★ Model: DT3 Mate Smart Watch
★ Color: Black, Silver
★ Craftsmanship: Zinc alloy+IML
★ CPU: Realtek RTL8762DK
★ Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Module
★ Screen size: 1.5-inch full round (real)
★ Screen Resolution: 454*454
★ Screen type: IPS full view color screen
★ Battery capacity: 320mAh
★ Charging method: Wireless charge
★ Battery voltage: 3.7V
★ Power supply: 5V/1A
★ Compatible System: Android4.4 and above IOS10.0 and above
★ APP name: WearPro


1. Charge for 3 hours when using for the first time. Do not use a high-power power supply or fast charge to charge the watch to avoid damage to the watch. 5V 1A recommended.
2. Please download APP firstly, Turn on bluetooth and bind the watch.
3. We guarantee that each device is rigorously tested before shipping … so all products can guarantee 100% high quality before shipping!
4. The watch health monitoring data is only a rough range, not very accurate, please do not compare with professional medical equipment, after all, it is just a watch.
5. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.
6. Please contact us, we have the goods you want. We support wholesale & drop-shipping. thanks!


Dual-module chip / Bluetooth call / AI voice assistant / Double-click to wake screen / Wireless charging / NFC access control

Upgrade in multiple aspects

1. Retina-level HD screen: 1.45-inch 412*412 resolution full circle HD display.
2. The chip ATK 8910: New CPU technology. Dual-mode chip. One-click to synchronize a phone book.
3. Double-click to light up the screen: In the interface of the always-on display, double-click to wake the screen.
4. Al voice assistant: Double- click to wake the Al voice assistant, Complete your commands through Al voice assistant.
5. Wireless charging: Wireless charging Makes charging more convenient.
6. Bluetooth call smartwatch: One-click to bind and synchronize a mobile phone book(Up to 500 contacts).
7. NFC SmartWatch: The smartwatch is the access control to quickly open the door.
8. Two-Way Payment: Alipay offline payment, Wechat collection. What a convenience!

1.45-inch super retina display. The screen ratio is up to 91.18%.

The frame is as narrow as 1.5 mm that stands for a flagship and real full screen.

New style smartwatch

Continue the unremitting pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics of DT series watches. With Integrated exterior design, tough lines cut, the smartwatch exudes fortitude charm. Regardless of fashion style, sports style, business style, or casual style

Extraordinary chip ATK8910

New CPU technology. Dual-mode chip. One-click to synchronize phone book. Whether it is graphics processing speed or computing speed, it is N times faster than ordinary Bluetooth smartwatch chips.Lower power consumption, inheriting and innovating the proud performance of DT smartwatches.

Rotary crown

Reshape the classic digital crown to simplify the tedious operation into simple and natural interaction. Every rotation fits the in-depth customized linear motor to improve your user experience tremendously.

Intelligent Gesture Recognition

Raise your hand to turn on the screen, you can check the time at any time. Double tap the screen to light up the screen. Easy to operate, simplify complexity, the black technology understands you better.

One-click to bind for Bluetooth calls, Synchronizing phonebook contacts

One-click to bind, and the calling function can be realized without another connection to Bluetooth.The function of one-click to synchronize a mobile phone book (up to 500) Making the connection, calls, and communication more convenient and free.

Frequency conversion wireless charging

ATK6210 chip, newly upgraded frequency conversion technology,When fully charged, the current is automatically reduced. Does not heat up and enhances battery life. Say goodbye to the trouble of charging heating, and enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

Tons of watch faces

This watch has many newly in-built dials, including a variety of dynamic dials.In addition, there are a large number of characterized dials on the dial market for you to choose from. Not enough? Then DIY your own dials with the pictures you like on your phone.

Numerous menus

The abundant preset menus satisfy diversified aesthetics and allow you to switch it according to mood, outfit, and occasion.

AI voice assistant

Exclusive AI voice algorithm, Double-tap to wake up the voice assistant, Complete the command operation through the smart watch Al voice assistant.

Powerful NFC fuction, Open doors simply by lifting your hand

Input multiple NFC indications into your watch. The simulated access card can help you open doors simply by lifting your hand. One-touch to make a call or open electronic name cards, get to applications.

1. Support the simulated access cards for your company, community or home.
2. One-touch to make a call.
3. One-touch to open the electronic name cards.
4. One-touch to get to applications.

*Note: it currently supports the simulated access cards that are unencrypted and in the frequency of 13.56MH in the market.*

Multi-sports mode

There is always one that fits you no matter which sport you like.Running, basketball, football, cycling or any other sport, go for it, the watch will record your every move.

Professional analysis of exercise data

Recovery time refers to the time that you spend to fully recover. It reflects the state of physical fatigue during exercise.

1. General exercise data: During exercise, you can always check your exercise time and distance, and calories burned.
2. Comprehensive sports data: The exercise status is combined with various data to judge the effectiveness of your training and provide a reference for your next exercise.

Your health database allin a watch and an APP

Accurate dynamic heart rate monitoring
Always keep an eye on your heart health, monitor your heart rate 24/7, achieve Real time Heart Rate and High Heart Rate Warnings based on an advanced bio-tracking optical sensor.

Real blood oxygen monitoring

Prolonged brain work or high-intensity exercise may cause a decline in blood oxygenation,which makes you feel sick. Quick measurement in blood oxygen lets you know your all-day blood oxygen condition.

Sleep monitoring

Accurately monitor stages of sleep, deep, light, REM, noon naps.Professionally interpret the sleep characteristics of each period, and analyze sleep quality to help you adjust your sleep habits and get better sleep.

Two-Way Payment My QR code card

Alipay payment/collection, Wechat collection, QR code card. You can buy things and add friends conveniently by lifting your wrist.


As a smart watch manufacturer, the self-developed Wearpro APP is a health management platform. It independently develops algorithms for heart rate, sleep, pedometer, blood oxygen, calories, distance, exercise, etc., and supports one -stop OEMIODM software and hardware customization services.

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